What is the Spiritual Way?


Let spirituality be a part of your life.

Most of us have gone through life and, at one time or another, we’ve asked ourselves, “What is the meaning of life?”, “Why am I here?”, or the really burning question, “Is there life after death?”

We were raised in a certain organized religion and realized at one point in our lives that there are several hundred religions. Which one is right? Are any of them right? The answer is, they are all right. They are as right as far as whatever shows them how to follow the spiritual path of the light and good. That to embrace a higher power, whatever they call the higher power, is good. That Jesus is the light. He walked among us at a time that was necessary to have the human experience. Finally, the answers to the first three questions posed are the meaning of life is what you learn while you are here. What type of person were you? Did you do the very best you could? Every person on this earth plane is supposed to be here. There is a balance in the Universe that needs to be maintained. There is good and there is evil. It’s all a balance. The answer to “Is there life after death?” is quite simple. Yes. Right now, you are a spirit having a human experience, you are not a human having a spiritual experience. There are many more experiences you will have and not necessarily in the human form. We are all energy. From what we know of energy is that it cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. What happens after you pass on is totally up to you. It’s all based on how you chose to live your life and what lessons you learned along the way.


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