If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

Just the other day, I was speaking to a couple of friends of mine. They made a comment about an individual that I had met on one occasion. This individual is on the portly side, and I happen to point it out by using

Words Can Hurt
Words Can Hurt

distasteful humor. After I said it, I realized how un-Christian it was. It was down right mean. No, this person didn’t hear me. For all I know they were hundreds of miles away. That’s not the point, though. Of course I immediately asked for forgiveness from the Lord but I have not been able to shake this incident. Why would I say something like that? What benefit would befall me for hurting someone’s feelings, even if they weren’t around to hear it?

So, why am I making such a big deal? The fact that this incident has haunted me since I said it proves that I know it was wrong. It also shows that the way we conduct ourselves, whether someone is looking, listening, or not, will have a profound effect on our feelings about ourselves.

We will, or should, have some guilt about the situation. But, please, don’t let guilt lie around too long in your psyche. Once you have prayed about it, get rid of the guilt. Oh, and you should pray about it. As mentioned, it will have a profound effect on how we feel about ourselves should we continue to put others down. First, it’s not Christian, second, and I am not a phychologist, it festers in our sub conscious until we start to feel WE are not worthy. If I am not a psychologist, where do I get all of this info I spew? Mostly, it’s from experience. I do read, a lot. I do have a subscription to Psychology Today, and I read about the daily strife of mankind and how people interract and relate to others.

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