What does “Paranormal” mean?

The Meaning of “Paranormal”

And How it is Prevalent in All Our Lives

When you hear the word “Paranormal”, what visions do you see in your mind’s eye? Ghosts? UFOs? Obviously, the word itself has a prefix; “para”, which is the key to the meaning of the word. Normal, is subjective. What is normal for me, may not be normal to you. However, if we put the prefix together with normal we get:

 Para – prefix meaning “alongside, beyond, contrary to, against, near”
(meanings courtesy Dictionary.com). Then, we add the word “normal”. So, there are actually several interpretations here:

Alongside Normal, Near Normal, Against Normal, Beyond Normal

Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery

My point here is that it’s not a very clear word to describe that which is not of this earth. In some respects it could mean that is exactly what we interpret as normal, on the other hand it could mean the opposite of what you perceive as normal.  It’s ambiguous and I’ve never really liked it to describe things that occur that don’t normally happen to everyone, everyday. It’s what is the norm so we will go with it.

Paranormal experiences happen every day. There are UFO sightings, people experiencing what they believe to be an abduction by alien beings, activity that happens either in the home, or at work, or basically anywhere that isn’t normally experienced. Those events include strange sounds and voices, missing objects, loss of time, seeing what the person believes to be the energy of a human being that has passed, miracles, the list goes on. But, what you need to remember, no matter what anyone tells you, first hand account is very important and should be taken seriously.

I know a young man that refuses to believe that when you die, you experience a wonderful feeling and see a bright, white light. Some speak of seeing their dead body while they are walking around, or they see themselves on the operating table; what’s called an “out of body experience”. He believes it to be no more than the Pineal Body, or Gland, releasing Dimethytryptamine (DMT); a strong hallucinagenic. He goes on to say the reason the body even makes this chemical is to warn us when we have not gotten enough sleep, or to help synthesize or dream state. While he has all the right medical terms and explainations, I tend not to believe it. I believe it really is our soul leaving the physical body, preparing for the next step in the process. It’s so hard to argue with someone that is on the scientific side of things; it’s hard.

Why do I believe what I believe? Faith. Also, I have experienced occurances in my life I can’t explain under normal circumstances. Being a psychic, empath, and medium, also affords me the ability to feel, see, and experience things of the paranormal, that scientists may not. What’s is going to take to have the scientific community listen to our side. They want scientific proof. We have tons of scientific proof. Disembodied voices, pictures, videos, data derived from instruments that are considered for scientific field work that captures and store data that can be used as proof of the paranormal. The Long Island Paranormal Investigators Team has a wonderful table that shows their list of equipment and what it is used for. Just visit them at www.liparanormalinvestigators.com/equipment.shtml.

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