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Wendy Deeter-Kaloski

Me peeking out my back door. Picture is a year-and-a-half ago, Hair is long now.







You deserve to know what credentials I have to write about spirituality. Incidentally, there may be times when I throw in a discussion or post that is not about spirituality but that should be rare. When I was very young, I knew I was different. I didn’t know how different until my early teens. I realized I was able to “see” things that were to happen in the future, although at that time they made no sense to me. When it became apparent what I was seeing was actually happening in real time in the future, I knew I had a gift. It was then that I started to help friends and family by locating missing objects, identifying a date that was important to them, etc.

As I grew older, I could tell when someone was lying to me, I could tell just exactly what type of person I was either talking to on the phone, or in person. This is discernment. It was very strong. It only got stronger the older I got. Additionally, I started getting messages telepathically versus just “seeing” things. I didn’t know where the messages were coming from. I also started to go through a really bad time in my life. This caused me to increase praying, pretty much throughout the day. I started to learn about meditation, which I’m bad at because I can’t quiet my mind, and I started to learn about the archangels and how they can help us and protect us. I had read a book called Many Lives, Many Masters by
Dr. Brian Weiss when I was about thirty years old. That book resonated with me. It talked about reincarnation, learning life lessons as we go along, and just being the best people we can be while on this earth plane in the physical world. I say the physical world because there are other worlds for us to experience. Our souls are experiencing being human at this point in time. We will experience other states of being but it’s up to us to live and learn in this life. We are energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, it can take on other forms, however.

I finally found a much needed mentor/teacher recently, Beth Layne, and she has shown me that I am much more than just a psychic. She told me that I have psychic abilities but I am also a medium and a “True Empath”, or HSP for Highly Sensative Person. Although all are God given gifts, being an Empath can be a burden. I feel everyone’s struggle in life. I feel people’s depression, pain, happiness, and it’s not just people; it’s the world around me that I feel in connection with. The earth, plants, animals, all hold energy and I feel it. I was told by Beth that my creative gift is writing. That wasn’t a surprise since I majored in journalism in college. I decided not to become a medium that gets paid to do readings, although those individuals serve a wonderful purpose and help people a great deal. I decided to use my gift of writing to do my part. That’s where this blog comes in. I will be writing about different subjects concerning the human condition and life on earth. I highly recommend you send me your questions in the Contact Form. I will try and answer them the best way I know how.

God Bless.

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