Dream Interpretation

When we dream, are we on another plane of existence?

cat sleeping

Photo by Fabricio Trujillo on Pexels.com

Ask any person you see what they think dreams are, and you will have about five or six different descriptions. Whatever they say, dreams really do serve a vital purpose in our lives. Some people get psychic impressions in their dreams. Dreams are a way of storing information from our conscious mind, to our subconscious mind.  During Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM), our subconscious minds can unload what is located in that space and dreams are born. If someone tells you they don’t dream, then they don’t sleep very well. So, if predictions of the future are stored in the subconscious of some individuals, how can we pull them out to the conscious while that individual if awake?

I think it’s a way to protect our conscious mind from divulging unpleasantness, or perhaps fear of the dreamer that their predictions could be wrong–blame it on the subconscious. Regardless of the Why?, it is very interesting that predictions come true for those that dream them.

If you have had a dream that has left a substantial impression on you, and you want my help interpreting it for you, Send Me An Email and, for free, I will give you my impression of the dream and how it could be a representation of your conscious or subconscious emotions or experiences you are having.